Predictive analytics
Helping you get more out of your assessment: We crunch the numbers, ask the right questions and provide actionable insights from your data.



Measurement solutions for all target groups, sectors and challenges you might want to assess.

Robust psychometrics
We are passionate about psychometrics. Passionate about bridging the gap between academic science and HR practice. Passionate about making this work for you.



Online assessment for job roles, levels and jobs features you might need - backed by sound psychometrics.

Enabled by web technology
We create fair, engaging and positive user experiences whilst maintaining the strictest test principles. You can 'plug and play' our instruments wherever you need them - HRIS and ATS. Hundreds of companies trust 'powered by cut-e'.

Enabled by

web technology

Unparalleled integration expertise and truly mobile solutions to measure wherever you want.

  • Selecting talent with cut-e
  • Screening talent with cut-e
  • Focus the best applicants
  • Pinpoint what leads to success
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Spot and engage talent early on
  • Identify the top performers faster
  • Engage with people who will stay longer
  • Assess potential for fast track development and promotion
  • Developing employees with cut-e
  • Boost Executive performance through assessment and feedback
  • Energize and enhance feedback processes

Return on investment
We work with you to develop and measure KPIs - be they speed of hire, time to effectiveness, retention rate, quality of hire – we know how to make your investment worthwhile.

Return on


Cutting money, saving time and making better talent decisions. We understand what you want.

Innovation in assessment
We research, contribute and cooperate to know what's new and to lead in cutting-edge online assessment.

Innovation in


Constantly innovating psychometric assessment for HR practice

Gamification in Assessment
Engaging candidates through attractive and valid gamified assessments


in assessment

Best practice for using games in assessment

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Better selection decisions
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Better selection decisions
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Graduate Selection
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Improved sales performance
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Improved sales performance
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Professional development
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Dubai Duty Free – Reduction in time to identify 50 suitable candidates from 8.5 days to just 0.5 days. Leading to considerable annual savings due to improved interview success rate

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easyJet improved conversion of assessment centre attendees to successful hire from 41% to 54% over a period of 4 years, saving over 100K GBP

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Lufthansa is now able to filter out 60% of those who are not likely to succeed on its graduate programmes early in the selection process without losing stronger candidates after implementing cut-e assessments early in the selection process

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Revenue increase of 36% and profit increase of 42% after introducing cut-e behavioural styles assessment and risk management interview with new sales hires

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Reduction in time-to-hire by over 40% and increased sales per hour of 12.5% after deploying cut-e customised Situational Judgement tools and personality questionnaires

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"The value of introducing cut-e assessments into our Leadership Development Programme selection process in EMEA is clear. We are able to focus our attention on selecting only those with the best fit to our quite specific and definded characteristics.' EMEA

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What we do

cut‑e creates smart measurement solutions with valid and innovative online assessment products. cut‑e is globally the preferred partner for organisations who demand the best. cut‑e: smart. valid. preferred.

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