Increasing graduate quality and retention

Sam Shepherd compares the retention rate of recruited graduates from before and after cut-e designed the graduate assessment process for Jurys Inn. The results: the quality of hires is better; they stay longer; the number of promotions post-programme increased.

"cut-e works with you to make sure that it is absolutely right and fitting."

Graduate assessment, selection and recruitment

Graduate assessment and selection is all about identifying and assessing the skills and attributes that your organisation needs - quickly and easily, whilst ensuring a positive user experience.  

Graduate assessment focuses on the reasoning abilities, personality or competency characteristics, the judgement and the fit with the recruiting organisation of graduate applicants. Many companies deploy initial online assessment in the early stages of selection to help them focus on the right people for their organisation and also include a job preview element in their process.

Crucial for your graduate assessment: speed, efficiency & effectiveness

cut-e helps you to understand what you are looking for and then creates a series of tests taken from our portfolio to identify those who have the right abilities and skills, are able to learn or train, who will fit culturally with the organisation and who have the personality and attitude to succeed in your business. The more information you have in the early stages of application, the sooner you can make decisions, focus on the right people and hire them for your business. Even those you don't select need to take away a positive perception of their interaction with you.

What cut-e does for your graduate recruitment

cut-e works with you from the outset to help identify the right combination of tests to identify the graduates right for your company. We'll add your branding to the online system so it looks like your own, and make links with your applicant tracking system to make as much of the process as automated as possible.

Fairness for all

Our tests are developed to be fair and valid – and with tests in over 40 languages, we look to support your candidates in their preferred language.

Seamless integration

We work with many applicant tracking, HR and assessment systems such as Taleo, SAP-HR, Lumesse EasyCruit, i-Grasp, Talentlink. This means that we’ll maximize your efficiencies, reduce human error and make it as easy a process as possible.

chatAssess: the instant messaging simulation game for more engaging recruitment

cut-e's new psychometric communications game chatAssess is a powerful situational judgement tool in the instant messaging style of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and assesses a candidate’s strengths, personality and abilities. The 6 – 15 minute assessment is designed to support early screening and attraction in graduate and apprentice recruitment. The assessment resembles a popular messenger service for smartphones and this helps to make it attractive, engaging and realistic to candidates. From a user-experience perspective, chatAssess appeals to millennials and early career candidates by providing a conversational interaction in a familiar format.

David Barrett's advice for graduates

David Barrett, CCO cut-e, gives some tips for graduates:
"Companies .... to acquiring talent and wanting talent. And you need to remember that: They want you as much as you want them"

Invited to take part in an online assessment?

Curious about what you will encounter? Nervous? We have compiled all you need to know about taking part in Online Assessments. 

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