cut-e helps to improve business value

Working with our clients, we are able to achieve impressive Return on Investment in terms of saving time and money and creating value. We do this in all talent areas ranging from screening, selection, talent pools, development programmes, retention.

"The biggest measurable outcome from all of this has absolutely been retention." Sam Shepherd, Jurys Inn

Online Assessments allow processes to be efficient and effective and to get results

cut-e combines psychometrics, innovative technology and related consultancy services with an understanding of business issues. You want to know – and we find out for you – what drives excellent performance in terms of personality and ability, specifically for your business. Then we set up easy to use Online Assessment processes which can seamlessly integrate into your existing HR or performance systems.

Working with our clients, we are able to achieve impressive Return on Investment in terms of saving time and money and creating value. We do this in all talent areas ranging from screening, selection, talent pools, development programs, retention. 

Below are just some examples of how we can work with you to get that impressive ROI. 

"cut-e has helped us to redesign our recruitment process, which has given us a far more efficient and accurate selection of candidates."Jonas Behrendt, Schibsted ASA

White Paper cut-e

Research shows that an employee’s personality can have a big influence on how engaged they are at work. In other words, some people are just “wired for engagement.” 

This white paper discusses the specific personality traits that are related to higher levels of employee engagement, which can in turn lead to advantages for your organisation. To learn more about the specific personality traits associated with engagement and how to incorporate engagement into your hiring processes, order your free white paper below.

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Siemens increases completion rate

Increase in successful completion of apprenticeship training from 88% to 95% following the introduction of cut-e’s logical reasoning assessments and interest inventories.

Training requires significant investment whether it is a formal apprenticeship programs, initial training of air traffic controllers, or management training for general managers. But it is more than the expenditure of resource that make training course selection important: often successful course completion is fundamental to delivering the corporate strategy. Without the newly trained pilots, the planes cannot fly the routes projected. 

cut-e can work with you to identify the factors which influence the successful completion of the program and to help identify those with the greatest likelihood of completing the training. Key results: saving investment on those likely to fail or dropout and create value through more successful completions. 

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easyJet saves thousands in recruitment

A saving of over $152,000 in 4 years by reducing the number of Assessment Centers needed to fulfil recruitment plans after introducing cut-e Online Assessment and Realistic Job Previews and getting higher quality candidates being identified earlier on. 

Assessment Centers are expensive things to run, consuming time and direct costs. And yet, they are one of the most predictive and valuable assessment tools at our disposal. Making them more efficient and reducing the number of centers you need to run to find the number of hires you need, will bring about significant savings.   

cut-e can work with you to help you understand the characteristics of those most likely to succeed within your organization and then build an assessment process around this so that you are able to identify the higher quality candidates earlier on in the process. Key results: You are able to focus on the better candidates, saving wasted effort and time previously spent on unsuitable applicants. 

White Paper cut-e

A talent strategy underpinned by data-driven decisions allows companies to recruit individuals who will stay longer, perform better and will be more engaged: key factors leading to higher customer satisfaction and stronger business performance. 

This paper explains how to convert your employee-related 'big data' into 'smart talent data'.

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Sunglass Hut reduces time-to-hire

Reduction in time-to-hire from 25 days to 15 days of retail associates after re-thinking the critical behaviors and experience needed from applicants and introducing a cut-e Situational Judgment Test.

Speeding up time-to-hire not only brings successful candidates on-board sooner and therefore making an earlier business impact, but can prevent your key talent from being hired by a competitor. cut-e can work with you to identify the key characteristics needed in your role and develop an online assessment process to run smoothly, efficiently and highlight the best fit candidates to you. Not only will you cut down on process time and administration by automating some of the process, but decisions will be made quicker because we will help you to set cut-off scores. Key results: you are able to on-board your people sooner, keep them from your competitors and reduce your own internal costs.

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Harveys increases sales gain

Sales gain of 14% in new hires after introducing cut-e's behavioral styles questionnaire and situational judgment tools - a gain of $10,700 per employee.

Finding out what it is that makes one sales person so much more successful than another, and doing something with this information, can add significant value to your top and bottom line. Typically, it will be something about a person’s personality characteristics that makes him or her flourish and be successful in your company – as well as a track record or experience of sales.

cut-e can help you determine and define what it is that makes for sales success and to then predict it from your sales candidates. We can help you analyze your talent data and correlate this with assessment data. We will pinpoint the elements of sales success and then help to build a recruitment assessment process to highlight those with the critical elements you need. Key results: bring on board new talent with the skills and competencies to be the new rising sales stars in your business.

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Ricoh reduces interview time and attrition

Reduction of 45 minutes spent per interview and a 7% decrease in attrition rate since introducing the cut-e developed ‘Ricoh Way’ bespoke values report to assess potential hires against Ricoh’s core competencies. 

Time spent interviewing is not always time well spent. You need focus and this requires exact knowledge of the job role, an insight into the characteristics of the person being interviewed and an understanding of the fit between them.

cut-e has helped numerous organizations gain a better understanding of the type of person they are looking for their roles: a combination of skills, motivations, values, abilities, competencies, and characteristics. We also then help to define the assessment process that will highlight these required areas in candidates, draw the information together and can provide a short, customized interview guide for the hiring manager to use during the interview itself. Key results: less time needed per interview as interviewers focus on the most important questions to determine fit with the job. Interviewees understand the job and the organization better based on the areas of questioning and the values expressed - and can judge whether the role is right for them.

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